/Rilcoin Uses Ethereum ERC20 token
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Rilcoin Uses Ethereum ERC20 token

Rilcoin is also one of the decentralized, and peer-to-peer virtual currencies that allow respective users to transfer money via the internet easily. Rilcoin is going to be an exclusive cryptocurrency in comparison to others as its intending to offer a potential platform for its investors.
The concept of Rilcoin is about introducing a decentralized asset management platform. Asset management fundamentally gets connected with any system that contains a value for an entity. It can be utilized for both intangible as well as tangible assets. The motive of Rilcoin is to provide an independent perspective to financial instruments and also to funding tactics. It will propose users with options to invest in cryptocurrencies backed by Blockchain protection and real-world assets which are going to introduce some new investing methods.

The users will have an alternative to list their real-world assets and tokenize them to create crowdfunding. This may bring an excellent opportunity for the consumer, as well as small/medium businesses to collect funds for their projects. The users will be allowed to invest and then get investment from any part of the world. The asset management platform will also include the KYC, arbitrary and also other compliances required for the system.

ERC20 tokens are to be issued in Rilcoin’s token sale that is actually the latest trend in the crypto investment. It shows that almost all of the wallets that are created for the ether currency will also support ERC-20 compliant tokens. This makes investments safer as the investor not just receives a proof of the investment but also gets a smart contract token that can be saved in any Ether Wallet; can be purchased, sold, or traded as well. The trading of Riltokens won’t be allowed until particularly declared on the official Rilcoin platforms.

The company has a motive to provide a new definition to the crypto investment system by introducing a technology that can amplify the applications of blockchain considerably. Investors are offered to exchange Ethereum to buy RIL token during the ICO.

As per the standards set by the project, it is a cryptocurrency that would be depending on a hybrid technology like Dashcoin that uses X11 hashing algorithm and Ethereum Smart Contracts.

The hybrid cryptocurrency will display all useful features of fiat currency and, all the unexpected features will be made favorable using smart contracts. Some of the investors or crypto activists may not agree, but its flexibility to adopt all the advantages of fiat currency makes it more adaptable for the consumers as well as merchants. It also helps in making Rilcoin more profitable investment option than any other cryptocurrencies.