Bitcoin price dropped to a level of $3,639 while being traded on this Thursday which was
8% low from yesterday. The pricing of bitcoin took a deep fall during Thursday
afternoon (UTC), failing over 6% in a trading period of 2 hours.
Data received from Bitfinex charts indicates the BTC/USD value was under $4,000 at the
starting of Thursday. As the day passed by, the value of the cryptocurrency suspended
to the $3,900 figure. At 14:30 UTC, bitcoin was being traded to the dollar at a value
equal to $3,865. After an hour, the price dropped to $3,711, and at 16::30 UTC, it
reached to $3,639.
According to the Coindelite, the cryptocurrency got down with 7.67% on the day
but was still 7.74% up while being seen over a seven-day period. USD-based bitcoin
markets accounted for a majority of the world’s bitcoin trading over the past 24 hours,
at nearly 40% of the volume. The Japanese market followed with nearly a quarter of the
world’s trading as CNY-based trading fell to 6.4%.
Bitcoin prices dropped below $3,000 on last week’s Friday showing a significant market
sell-off by discomforted investors after the shuttering of two major Chinese exchanges
at the time. The effect generated due to China’s regulatory squeeze has left more
profound impressions on international prices on other occasions, but China’s influence
has waned this time.
On a real-time basis, bitcoin price is showing an upward move again toward $3,700.